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Ed Djafer

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"Stop focusing on what you can’t do and lets start focusing on what you can… Every problem has a solution".

Who I Work With...

I help highly driven men who want to look and perform at an elite level. 

As entrepreneurs or high-achievers you get busy. Tied to your work, in the office all hours.

It’s very easy to let yourself go. Your health and relationships suffer from the dedication and commitment that creates success in business.

Of course, you have a business to run and family to take care of. You simply don’t have time to go to the gym 1-2 hours per day, or worry about cooking healthy meals all the time.

But you’ve decided that enough is enough.

You want to be the best man you can be. Become a leader and role model for your kids, and have the extra energy to reignite the passion in your relationship.

You’re not afraid of work, commitment, or investing in yourself.

These are the traits that make you successful, a leader, and an expert in your industry. You’ll do whatever it takes to be in the top 1%.

You want to raise your standards in life, not just changing your body – but recognizing that when you get in your best shape you have that extra edge.

Business and relationship success naturally follow from the increase in confidence, energy, and drive.

You’re ready to become the best man you can be.

Working with Ed is perfect for you if you have a busy, high stress lifestyle that demands the best of you. You work hard, and have been well rewarded for your efforts, but it has slowly come at the cost of your health and body.

Guys Ed works with get results in as little as 25-30 minutes, 3-4 times per week. If you’re committed and ready to get that extra edge, NOW is the time.

About Ed...

Before Ed become a renowned leader in the fitness industry, known for body transformations for busy men using his ‘EXPRESS’ training system, he had his own struggles to overcome.


As a shy kid, Ed was never the loudest in the room and kept himself to himself. During his teenage years, Ed became very low in confidence making him a soft target for school bullies. Then he noticed something unusual about his body. He was developing man boobs.

This made PE lesson awkward getting changed in front of the other boys. But it wasn’t just PE that made Ed insecure. Also drama, music, reading.  Ed would avoid any situation where he was in the spotlight and had to perform. He didn't enjoy his time at school and left at the earliest opportunity with mediocre grades and no clue what he wanted to do with life.  

Following his father's footsteps into the engineering world, he made some friends and started going out more. Ed’s man boob’s were still a problem and now with excessive alcohol and eating out several times a week, Ed’s body image and confidence was at an all time low.

Returning from a boys holiday he saw a topless photo of himself with his belly and man boobs and decided it was time for change. Ed started going to the gym, feeling totally out of his depth at first, but sticking with it, his passion for lifting weights was born.  

As Ed’s muscles grew and body developed, so did his confidence. He began to seek out situations that he used to avoid. None more so than stepping on stage against some of the world's best physique athletes. Ed went from not being able to take his t-shirt off in public, to competing in front of thousands of people, cameras, and judges at The O2 arena in London in just a pair of trunks.

This UPGRADED version of Ed was like a SUPERPOWER unleashing a new found confidence to pave his own way in life. To escape the system of being told what to do and working just to pay the bills. He realised with this gift and passion he could help others transform their lives through fitness… and have a real impact on the world.

This is what Ed does best helping others like you WIN!

Ed established himself in the fitness industry as a published author, and the first ever physique athlete to be signed as an ambassador to award winning sports nutrition brand Bio Synergy. And became one of the best paid personal trainers in the UK working with thousands of clients over 10 years.

As a father to two boys, Ed spends less time training people in the gym and instead runs online coaching programs, helping busy entrepreneurs lose the man boobs, so they too can have the 0.01 edge within their competitive industries.

The Muscle & Hustle Method Book

"New Book Reveals How To Profit

From A ‘Million Dollar Body’

...Even If You’re Over 40 & Work 60+ Hours/Week"

Everyone Wants To Be In Shape… 

Finally Someone Has A Method For Busy Guys Who Don't Have Hours For The Gym Or The Desire To Eat Chicken & Broccoli In Tupperware.

Fed Up Of Being Overweight, Sluggish, and Tired?

Leading Health & Performance Coach Ed Djafer Will Show You How To Achieve A Million Dollar Body With The Muscle & Hustle Method.

"Imperfect action is better than no action at all!"

Success Stories

Gavin's Story...

I've always been a bigger fella... I've been single for a while... A general unhappiness my friends and family would notice I wasn't really myself, I was a bit unhappy...

I've lost 2 stone now. It was a surprise how much weight I lost. Friends and people at work have commented how good I look, and people notice how happy I am now.

Dolly's Story...

I would sit thinking, "I can't believe it's getting worse. I'm really trying. I'm just so ashamed. I used to sit in changing rooms and cry"...

After working with Ed I finally had the confidence to go for a permanent role at work, and at the beginning of last week I actually got a promotion.

Tim's Transformation...

Iain's Transformation...

Nick's Story...

I got on the scales and was nearing 17 stone. I was gutted I'd let myself get to that weight. I worried about not being around or being able to do things with my little girl...

My whole lifestyle changed. Focus is a lot better, I feel more confident and have so much more energy to do things with my daughter.

Akin's Story...

I'm stronger, I lost belly fat and increased muscle size with Ed's help...

It's an all around holistic approach, he gives you all the expertise you need. I recommend Ed for various reasons. He's there to help you get results and will push you, to help you to achieve your goals.

Work With Ed...

Find Out How Coach Ed Djafer Could Help You...

Begin Your Application Now...

Ed works by application only and has very limited spaces to take on 1-2 new clients per month. 

To find out more about working with Ed and getting 'a million dollar body' enter your details below and complete the application on the next page.

Coach Ed Djafer

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